Sunday, June 10, 2007

Photographing Art with a Digital Camera

Photographing Art with a Digital Camera
When I bought my digital camera, I thought it would be clear sailing—just snap those pictures and upload them—whoa—no! Color was off, images not clear, etc., etc. Looks like this could be the same as learning to use my old 55mm Minolta, and I am still working on getting satisfactory images of my art up on the web. However I did find an informative website on shooting art with a digital camera:
The main points are:
(1) Use a tripod.
(2) Set the ISO at the lowest setting possible—this gives you better resolution.
(3) Set the camera to capture the most pixels possible.
(4) Set the white balance to suit the light conditions, i.e., florescent, incandescent, daylight, etc.
(5) Unless it is an SLR digital, don’t use the zoom.
(6) Turn off the flash.
(7) Fill the frame with your art, and make sure edges of art are parallel to the edges of camera viewer frame/LED.
(8) Archive the original that you download, make copies to tweak, crop, etc.
I am still working on this--images are coming through on the blue side.
Also, note that the Art League has a class on photographing your artwork, starts 6/24.

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