Thursday, June 7, 2007

Good Painting Websites If you attended Steve Fleming’s demo at the Paint Alexandria workshops, you know that he is a didactic entertainer and a brush master. I have just discovered his website. It features six lessons, which are informative monographs on: Brushwork; Paint from Memory; Painting Sunny Days; Abstraction/Simplification; Painting Process; and Value Pattern. While Steve is a watercolorist, much of his discussion is applicable to any mode of painting or two-dimensional work, and the lessons are well illustrated. Charles Sovek is an impressionistic New England artist. He has a terrific website, full of lessons on drawing and painting (Lessons from the easel); short monographs (Speaking of Art); and articles that have been published in various magazines. He has also written a number of books. Many, many of his paintings are up on the website. He is lively and colorful painter. This is one of my favorites.

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